You have landed on this page probably due to some game related reason. website is an independent blog run by a small team of video game fanatics. We try to bring as much tips and experience to you as possible. Due to the fact we are quite busy with other ventures, we work hard to provide our readers with new content periodically. Our first game review with some tutorials this year is Vainglory. This game is getting more and more popular and our reviewers have decided to teach our readers about the loopholes in this video game that can bring in as much free resources as possible. Please note that is meant to offer entertainment only and everyone should decide themselves how they use the tutorials. There are lots of different freemium style mobile games that come for free but give the ability to buy resources for real money, in order to proceed faster in the game, of course. If you get lost with a good read on our website, you soon understand why this website was ever created. We have established this blog in regards to the gamers worldwide.